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Benefit from the expertise of your notary in Montreal at competitive prices

The courtesy, competence, speed and confidentiality are crucial in the legal field. It is easy to find a notary and legal advisor in Montreal but it is important to make a well informed choice.

Whether you are looking for a wedding officiant in Montreal or you decide to write a will or a mandate in case of incapacity it is important that you get professional advice and above all to obtain the necessary documents.

Maître Leopold Lincà holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Montreal and notarial law degree from the University of Montreal.

Notary in Montreal, Maître Lincà is renowned for his services in the following areas: residential and commercial real estate law (mortgages, refinancing, general and specific proxies, condominiums), family law (notarized wills and mandates in case of incapacity, estate settlement), corporate and immigration law.

The clients of Montreal, Laval or Longueuil benefit from his notary services without appointment:
•    Invitation letter for obtaining tourist visa, letter invitation for visa Canada;
•    Travel authorization letter for children;
•    Parental consent letter for children, parental authorisation to travel;
•    Power of attorney for buying and selling goods abroad;
•    Affidavits and various power of attorney (for Quebec, Canada or abroad);
•    Legalized / Certified / Authentified / Legalisation / Notarized / Attested of documents / Apostille / Legal documents.

By choosing Maître Lincà as your notary, you will have additional benefits:

-    The first meeting, the estimation of the record and analysis of your needs are FREE;
-    Services offered during the WEEK-END (by appointment, subject to availability);
-    Additional options for your specific needs (visits and interviews at YOUR home or various institutions - hospitals, nursing homes);
-    Services provided in English or French.


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